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Torch River Veterinary Mobile provides comprehensive abdominal and echocardiographic ultrasound exams.
We use state-of-the-art ultrasound equipment and software for all scanning possibilities.

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For an Efficient Appointment

Torch River Veterinary Mobile generally provides a 2-hour arrival window at time of scheduling and calls 20-30 minutes before arrival. On receipt of this phone call, the team should know that all case history has been submitted and that the patient is on site, prepared for ultrasound, and sedated if necessary.

1. Shave 

  • With owner consent, shave the appropriate areas prior to the scheduled appointment time.
  • Wait for us if you are unsure of shave margins.

2.  Sedate

  • With owner consent, sedate the patient as necessary. Especially for abdominal studies, reduced patient anxiety and comfort will give the best diagnostic yield. Sedation can help achieve this.
  • If FNA is requested, sedation or anesthesia is especially important.
  • The requesting veterinarian is responsible for the administration of any drugs and the continued monitoring of the patient.
  • Please contact us with any questions about sedation.

3. Additional Appointment Info

  • The patient should be dropped off to your facility ahead of the scheduled appointment time. Due to the nature of mobile services, it may be possible to visit ahead of the predicted window. We will call ahead of any changes.
  • It is often possible to add another scan appointment to your initial scheduled request. Please call to verify additional appointment space is available. 
  • The exam usually is completed within 20-30 minutes for a single cavity. 
  • Upon completion of the exam, Dr. Waffle prepares a comprehensive report. For echocardiograms, the image set and supplemental documents are uploaded for interpretation by SonoPath Boarded Specialists (both in cardiology and ABVP). 
  • Turnaround time for routine reports is 24 hours or less. A STAT interpretation is available in 6 hours or less for an additional fee.  
  • Pet Owner/ Guardian attendance during any ultrasound exam is not permitted due to liability.

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